Shays Spot
Cowgirl BFF's
First day of school.
My Girl.
The girl that stole my heart,
the first day we ever met.
Our destinys locked together,
our futures together set.
She's beautiful and smart,
my life belongs to her.
Before? I can't remember,
life was but a blur.
Blonde hair blue eyes,
smiles that melt a heart.
l'll love her unconditional,
God forbid we be apart.
I know someday another man,
Will come into her life.
Love and cherish her,
And make her his new wife.
and what will I be left with,
When she moves away. 
For I'm the one who blessed it,
And gave her hand away.
So now you understand,
This special girls a daughter.
As hard as it was to give away,
I'm her loving father.
She will always be my little girl,
The one I hold so dear.
She's starting her new life,
A marriage and career.
Daddys little girl, 
let me be your freind
I pray that you will remember 
Daddys love will never end.