Kipton's Page
My Son.
My son, his little life so new,
throw a ball and how to read.
Are things i'll teach you soon,
reading, writing, arithmetic,
soon ill plant the seed.
I wonder what you'll grow to be,
guess we'll wait an see.
A banker, lawer or a doctor,
are the things that I hope for.
But if it is'nt in your heart,
you'll find your open door.
Walk through it and discover,
what your passion is.
Support is all you'll have from me,
My love is unconditional.
Enjoy the finding out,
and don't grow up to fast.
Take your time and do it right,
and don't regret the past.
Let me be your dad
for as long as I can.
Let me hold you in my arms,
ill be your biggest fan.
When your ready to venture out,
on your very own.
Keep in mind I'm always here,
throw your old dad a bone.
I will always help you,
the best way that I can.
Work, home, religion,
by your side ill always stand.